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Experience the exuberance of African dancing

Experience the exuberance of African dancing

Energetic and rhythmic, African dancing originates in the animal world! Dance the funky chicken (or even the hot turkey!).

The basics
African dancing is all about fun and joyful dances to the rhythm of djembe drums. The idea behind every dance is to express something, whatever it may be, with your body. Expect acrobatics, sliding steps, and lots of clapping…

Female dancers have to bend their knees and arch their backs in order to get the movements right. Unlike the men, they work their hips a lot, and the feet usually stay flat on the ground. Throughout the whole dance, the body is constantly moving.

The benefits
African dancing is great for relieving stress and burning calories. It’s a fab alternative to traditional cardio exercise. It tones the body and improves your stamina.

What you need
Like belly dancing, African dancing is done barefoot. Light clothes that don’t get in the way of your movements are best: you’ll be constantly moving and using up energy, so you’ll get hot!


Sarah Horrocks
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