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Use your feminine charms - try belly dancing

Use your feminine charms - try belly dancing

There’s far more to belly dancing than gyrating your hips seductively. Belly dancing is a really ancient dance which originated in the Middle East, and was actually performed at sacred rituals.

The basics
Belly dancing is for women only. It's all about displaying your femininity and sensuality! The basic movements come from the pelvis, and it's quite a fast dance.

The benefits
Belly dancing works mostly the upper body and obviously the pelvic area and abs, but you’ll also tone your arms and chest. Movements should be sensual, evoking passion! The upper body will become more muscular because it is used far more then your lower body.

What do I need?
Belly dancing is done barefoot. Most dancers wear belts or veils with tiny metallic pieces that clink when they move.


Sarah Horrocks
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