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Get your dancing shoes on!
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Enjoy the social whirl of ballroom dancing - bring your partner along!

Enjoy the social whirl of ballroom dancing - bring your partner along!

OK, so you’ve seen Dirty Dancing a thousand times and you’re looking for something you can take up with your partner? What are you waiting for?! Get him properly trained up for those big occasions by learning ballroom dancing together!  

“Ballroom dancing is always done in twos,” says dancing instructor Suky. “The choice is huge: there’s the tango, the walz, the paso-doble (two-step), salsa, rumba, even rock.”

We used to think of ballroom dancing as really old-fashioned and out-dated, but it’s getting more and more popular at the minute.  Ball-room dancing is super-sensual, and its also a really good form of exercise. 

It may look easy, but dancing in couples is actually very difficult because you have to co-ordinate your steps in time with your partner. The man and woman have very different roles which depend partly on the actual dance, but the man always guides the woman.

There are basic steps you have to perfect which have a different rhythm to the music, for example the basic step lasts three beats for the waltz.  

The benefits
You use up a lot of energy while ballroom dancing. The more you train, the more complicated and demanding the routines become.  Some types, such as rock and salsa, require a lot of endurance.

But maybe the greatest benefit of ballroom dancing is the understanding you develop with your partner. “You really learn to respect your partner, even if he’s slower at learning the steps than you are, which is often the case with the men,” says Suky.  

What you need
Ordinary shoes are fine, but you'll soon find dancing shoes far more comfortable.  


Sarah Horrocks
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