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Get your dancing shoes on!
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Discover the passion of modern jazz

Discover the passion of modern jazz

Lost count of the number of times you’ve watched Fame? Ever dreamt of shakin’ it like Beyoncé?  Modern jazz is definitely for you!  
Dancing and jazz music

Jazz dancing began at the start of the 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1950 in New York that modern jazz dancing first came about. Choreographers began working on dances to matched the energy of modern jazz music, which was very new at the time. Modern jazz dancing took off quickly and soon became the done thing in musical comedy on Broadway. 

Throughout the 19th century, modern jazz developed different styles such as funk jazz (early 80s) and, more recently, hip-hop/R’nB. It also works well with other modern genres.  

The basics   
 If you’re thinking about taking up jazz to avoid ballet and pointe work, think again. “In fact, the basics of modern jazz are pretty much the same as ballet," says instructor Mikael. "You have to know all the basic steps before you can really get started, which is why it’s vital to go to an introductory class first.”  

What you need
Just a pair of jogging bottoms and either tights or socks. The most important thing is to be comfortable - your body has to be free to move. For the more modern types such as hip-hip you’ll need to wear trainers.    


Sarah Horrocks
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