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Get your dancing shoes on!
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Lose yourself in the dream world of ballet

Lose yourself in the dream world of ballet

If you’ve always dreamt about Swan Lake but you’ve never had the courage to try ballet, it's time take the plunge...

If you think that ballet steps look really hard to copy, don’t worry – you can start from scratch no matter how old you are.  

Daniella Rajchman, ballet instructor:
According to Daniella, you just need to choose the right class. “The most important thing is choosing the right level at which you can progress gradually. We don’t make you do pointe work in the first lesson!”  

The benefits  
People who do ballet have undoubted elegance, as Daniella explains: “You’ll have a straighter back and a longer silhouette because your good posture adds height. This gives you a more balanced look.”  Ballet gives you extraordinary grace and confidence.  

What you need
Tutus aren’t obligatory, so don’t worry! All you need is a pair of tights, a T-shirt or a leotard and a pair of ballet shoes.  


Sarah Horrocks
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