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Day 4 - Roxy snowsports workout at Virgin Active
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Day 4 - Roxy snowsports workout at Virgin Active

Snow season is coming and it's time to get my body prepared.

Roxy's SnoFit class at Virgin Active gyms is an intensive routine that helps you get ready for your snow holidays. Trust me you'll enjoy the slopes a lot more if you're fitter.

The class was developed by professional snowboarder Lesley McKenna alongside the fitness experts at Virgin Active and it focuses on sculpting the lower body and core muscles.

If you're a boarder like me or even a skier you'll enjoy this work out, it's fast moving and diverse and uses unique equipment such as the ViPR*, Gliding Discs** and cones so you don't get bored.

With moves such as on the spot skiing, plenty of squatting and weaving through cones, the class echoes the movements found in snow sports, with great results for your rear.

Despite the general lower body ache and my new John Wayne style walk, I have a good feeling about this class. Not only is it perfecting my bod and preparing me for domination of those black runs, the 45 minute session is actually something to look forward to on wintery mornings. I know! Weird but true.
Roxy Sno Fit Workout is available to members in all 71 Virgin Active Health Clubs nationwide from 11th October 2010. Please visit to find your nearest club and the time of the session. 

[Tried by Ursula Dewey]

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