Five days of fitness - 5 ways to get fit
Day 3 - Running
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Day 3 - Running

Running has got to be one of the cheapest ways to get back in shape. But if you want to splash a little cash on the subject you can make plodding the pavements a little more fun.

Get yourself a Nike+ SportBand - an ingenious and stylish little bracelet that logs your pace, distance, time and calories burned via a little sensor that sits in your shoe.

After your run you can plug in the integrated USB device into your PC and upload your stats to your Nike+ account. If you do well you get a little video message from a sports star - makes all the sweat worthwhile.

Sure I feel good about going for a run anyway but being told I beat my personal best or went that extra mile (literally) makes me feel even better.

The best part is charting my progress on the Nike Running website. I've got the green level now which means I've clocked up over 250km! Just another 750km to go.

My only gripe is that quite often the SportsBand reports back a distance that's way off what I actually did. Even after calibration there can be discrepancies of a km or more. Still it's a useful tool for getting a general idea of how your fitness is improving.

Nike+ SportBand, £39.10, Nike

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