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Female Running: 9 Qualities of a Jogger

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 10, 2015

In recent years, running has greatly increased in popularity, for both its physical and mental benefits. Not sure how to get started? Well, take note that jogging benefits its adherents in a number of ways!

She Is Disciplined

Finding the time to run is a challenge in itself. Indeed, it requires the ability to manage your time and to make the best use of free time. A runner must adjust her schedule depending on the weather, which complicates planning. Runners must fight the urge to procrastinate. All of that makes women joggers disciplined and sure of themselves!

She Has Legs to Die For

Running allows you to sculpt and tone your legs. Constantly calling upon your thighs, calves, and glutes allows you to gradually tone and strengthen them. Contrary to popular belief, running does not add muscle, but rather tones the muscles you have. We need to distinguish between adding muscle and strengthening muscle!

She Has Better Cardiovascular Health

Running has real health benefits. A regular jogging routine strengthens the immune system, protects against hypertension, and works off sugars and fats. Running, like any endurance sport, strengthens the heart and increase its volume and, thereby, its effectiveness. It also strengthens the respiratory system.

She Has Lots of Energy

This may seem paradoxical, but the more energy you spend, the more you have! The belief that you are "too tired" to move is based on a perception, a feeling. If you eat sufficiently and well, you have an almost inexhaustible reserve of energy. Neurotransmitters, emitted during physical effort, help to overcome fatigue. In fact, endorphin and serotonin affect your mood and stress level, which makes you feel less tired!

She Has Better Skin

Regular physical activity nourishes the skin thanks to oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood. The skin, better vascularized, appears more radiant. Similarly, running improves blood circulation, which helps to remove toxins from the body and improve the condition of all vital organs, including the skin. Sweat caused by running flushes impurities from the skin and cleans pores. It can also correct hormonal imbalances that cause imperfections in the skin, thus reducing the risk of skin rashes.

She Is Better in Bed

Running goes hand in hand with a healthy libido and sex life! Research conducted on women participating in a running program shows that their monthly frequency of intercourse increased by 30% after a period of 3 months!

She Handles Stress Better

While running, the jogger produces endorphins, or well-being hormones. It is a natural anti-stress medication that can be used without restraint and without a prescription. Once secreted, this endogenous morphine (produced by the body) is dispersed throughout the system. Endorphin is the runner's “happy” hormone. Want to relieve stress? Easy, go running!

She Has a Strong Mind

The mind of the runner must stay motivated both before and during the run. Besides having to convince herself to go out running, even when she doesn't feel like it, she must also persevere and never give up before she reaches her goal. This continuous motivation is based on the realization that the ultimate pleasure of running comes after all the little objectives are attained along the way. Motivation comes from knowing that each little progress is leading you in the right direction.

She Improves Her Posture

When running, the abdominals play a stabilizing role. This is akin to a natural posture exercise that tones the abdominal muscles. Jogging and running work the arms, chest, legs, and all organs. They also open the rib cage, which increases your lung capacity. As long as the runner adopts good posture during her run, she will have the same posture in everyday life, whether standing or at her desk!

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