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The deal on dairy products
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The dairy debate

The dairy debate

There's been a lot of debate of late about whether the recommended 3 portions of dairy a day is good science or not. Leading the pack is biochemist Thierry Souccar, who is putting the cat among the pigeons with a new book on propaganda around dairy products. He delivers his argument to us.

Do you really think dairy products are bad for our health?
Contrary to what the nutritionists and researchers tell us, too much milk is bad for us. Actually, several clinical and epidemiological studies appear to show that the calcium contained in dairy products doesn't reduce the risk of osteoporosis but actually makes our bones more fragile. The World Health Organization refer to it as the calcium paradox. Also, protein from dairy produce causes numerous allergies, and the sugar it contains, lactose, is difficult to digest for 75% of people worldwide (intolerances). It seems that drinking cow's milk increases the risk of Type 1 diabetes in children, and the EC is currently conducting research into it. What's even more worrying is the correlation that has been observed between prostrate and ovarian cancer and the consumption of dairy products. 

Why send such a message out to the public? 
There's a lot at stake, and you have to consider the interests of the dairy industry and those who set the official RDAs. Information can be played with, and it's easy to take what results you want from studies without really getting to the bottom of the data.

So should we be cutting dairy products out of our diet?
No, but we shouldn't be eating 3 or 4 portions per day. Unless you suffer from allergies or severe lactose intolerance, there's no reason not to eat yogourts, cheese and cream. The studies show that for the moment, the risk of cancer only exists if you consume more than 2 dairy products a day, which is why moderation is important.


Sarah Horrocks
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