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According to official guidelines we should be getting 3 portions of dairy a day so that we get enough calcium in our diet. Your intake also depends on your needs: 
-Children and teenagers: The quanitity of calcium in the bones goes from 30g at birth to 400g at age 10, then up to 1kg in adulthood, which is why you need enough calcium to maximize your bone density while you're growing. 800mg per day is recommended between the ages of 4 and 9, and 1200mg per day is recommended between the ages of 10 and 18.

-Pregnant or breastfeeding women: Mums-to-be need extra calcium (1000mg per day). This is particularly important during the first three months when the baby grows the most and develops bones.

-Adults: The EU RDA is 800mg per day.

-Menupausal women: From the age of 50 onwards, estrogen levels decrease and demineralization of the bones accelerates, making them fragile and brittle (osteoporosis). Menopausal women should increase their calcium intake to 1200mg.


Sarah Horrocks
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