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Squeeze it in
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Squeeze it in

Finding the time to work out in between last minute shopping and endless cooking can be hard to say the least.

We spoke to Celebrity Personal Trainer Laura Williams. Laura's key advice is to, "squeeze it in" and she doesn't mean finding room for another mince pie, or squeezing yourself into a too tight body con dress.

She says, "If you literally don’t have a minute to spare (quite likely at Christmas), maximize your squeeze time thoughout the day."

"Squeeze your buttocks when sitting at the traffic lights to tone the glutes (the muscles responsible for giving you a lifted, shapely behind); pull up on your pelvic floor muscles when you’re sitting watching TV to give your sex life a boost, and practise pulling navel to spine Pilates-style in the supermarket queue to work your deep abdominal muscles, nature’s very own Spanx pants."

Easy exercises that you can do without even having to change into your lycra's? We like.

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