Causes and Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia and the fashion world: are models to blame?
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Anorexia and the fashion world: are models to blame?

25-year-old anorexic, Isabelle Caro's body was immortalized in Oliviero Toscani's photos which formed part of an Italian campaign against anorexia (see the photo on page one).

These shocking photos were designed to alert the public to the dangers of anorexia. The campaign was also an opportunity to highlight the predominant role of the media and the fashion world in setting beauty norms.

Although anorexia results from a deep malaise, the omnipresence of thin women in the media can have negative effects on young girls and women.

"When I saw myself in a reflection, I was ugly in contrast to the girls in magazines. They were super slim so I wanted to be like them," Julie, anorexic at 14, tells us.

For Ada Picard, researcher in psychiatry: "It's true that models can fascinate and trigger "fashionable" anorexia if we can call it that. But that won't necessarily lead to serious anorexia nervosa, other factors are required for that."

Prudence is required but anorexia can't be explained by the world of fashion alone.

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