Female cancers: expert answers to your questions
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Cancer treatments: expert answers
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Cancer treatments: expert answers

How long do you have to wait after cancer treatments have finished before you can start breast reconstruction?
Dr M. Espié: Breast reconstruction can normally take place 6 months to 1 year after the end of radiotherapy.

Can you die from uterine cancer?
Dr M. Espié: Yes but it's very rare because it's generally diagnosed early.

JAfter having breast cancer I fell pregnant: Can the treatments that I've had create problems or deformities in the fetus?
Dr M. Espié: No, medicines are quickly eliminated. 6 months after treatment, there is no more risk for the fetus. However, it's recommended to wait 2 or 3 years before trying for a baby.

Is it normal to put on 10kg during chemotherapy and hormone therapy?
Dr M. Espié: Women often put on weight during chemotherapy and hormone therapy although we don't actually know the causes. There are changes to their lifestyle, changes to their diet, and a tendency to snack to stop nausea or simply to make themselves feel better. It's also possible that the menopause created by the treatment encourages weight gain.

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