Female cancers: expert answers to your questions
Cancer and external risk factors: expert answers
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Cancer and external risk factors: expert answers

Does taking the contraceptive pill for several years protect or expose women even more to the risks of different female cancers?
Dr M. Espié: It's complicated. The Pill protects against ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. However, there is an excess of cervical cancers associated with the Pill, probably because women who use the Pill don't use condoms. The Pill can accelerate the growth rate of pre-existing breast cancer but it can't create breast cancer.

Are any foods known to increase the risk of cancer?
Dr M. Espié: There is little certainty. Breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers being the most frequent in the USA and in Northern European countries, it's probably best to avoid "American-style" foods and instead favour a Mediterranean diet. For example, there are fewer cases of breast cancer in Spain than in Great Britain.

If I carry my mobile phone in my handbag or pocket, am I at risk of getting cancer?
Dr M. Espié: There is no proof of an increased risk of cancer linked to mobile phones.

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