Best workout: Tone up fast
Step two: Endurance
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Step two: Endurance

The second step is all about endurance and that means doing the exercises for as long as possible, despite the overwhelming urge not to. If you push through you will feel 110 times better for it, pinky swear.

Do this for eight minutes.

Exercise one: Side plank

Lie on your left side with your legs on top of each other. Place the forearm of your left arm in front of you. Put your right hand on the floor in front of you or on your hip. Push yourself up so only your feet and left arm are touching the floor. Lower your body back down and repeat.

Exercise two: Walk out

Start in an upright position. Bend over and place your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Step your hands out away from your body one at a time until you're in a press up position. Then walk them back in towards your feet and stand up.

Exercise three: Dips

Place your palms on a chair where your bottom would be if you were sitting on it, facing away from the chair. Point your elbows to the back of the room, don't let them flare out. Lower your body until your arms are parallel with the floor. Lift back to the start position and repeat.

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Article Plan Best workout: Tone up fast
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