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Channel Your Inner Ballerina: 10 Awesome Benefits of a Ballet Workout

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on March 24, 2015

The more you sweat the more you lose, right? Wrong. With ballet-inspired workouts there's no need to fret over post-gym sweat. These trendy new moves come with some amazing benefits! And as a full body workout and NO injuries involved, we agree, it does sound a bit like a dream. Ladies, here's why we're all about the ballerina body...

You may think something as graceful as ballet won't do much for your bod, but we promise, there is good reason why everyone's raving about this hot new workout.

"There’s a reason ballet-inspired workouts are so popular with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and a number of Victoria's Secret Angels," Founder of Barreworks, Vicki Anstey says. "?Barre based classes are low impact but high intensity, helping fans create and maintain lean, toned physiques. You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-Lister to achieve your dream body!"

These pretty workouts CAN achieve much more than you think. Here's what they have to offer...

1. It's a full body workout

If you want a dancer's body then you shall receive. Ballet-inspired classes work the whole body, lifting bottoms, trimming thighs and defining arms.

2. It speeds up your metabolism

?Classes promote increased muscle mass and metabolic rate, so you burn calories at rest as well as during the workout. Yes, please!

3. You'll look and feel more lean

Lose inches from your waist and add them to your height just by improving your posture. Ballet inspired classes like Barre Works will help you achieve stronger and leaner legs a la Miranda Kerr, and the best part? No tutu required!

4. It tones ALL your muscles

In ballet-inspired workouts the barre is your BFF. All those difficult standing postures you do and hold for minutes on end? Those are the moves that will give you stronger and leaner muscles, without the erratic heartbeat!

5. It's a great de-stressor

High intensity workouts performed to music help clear your mind of daily stresses. Who doesn't love a bit of classical ballet music?

6. It's for everyone

There's no dance or exercise experience required! It's suitable for any body type or fitness level, young and old!

7. It's convenient

No jumping around like crazy, no pounding heart or excessive sweating. In fact there's no sweating at all so no need to clock in time to shower afterwards!

8. There's no plateau

Other low impact exercises like pilates and yoga are great for the mind and core, but after a few weeks your body might get used to it. With ballet-inspired workouts the results are consistent. Some classes may include light weight training, static movements, isometric holds, core workouts and stretching. You'll always be challenged!

9. It's suitable for pregnant women

In fact, it's good for moms-to-be! These light cardio exercises will help develop and maintain strong muscle mass and flexibility, working the arms, legs and even pelvic muscles! Apparently it can even help for a smoother delivery too.

10. Injury-free zone

Not only do ballet workouts prevent you from injury, but they can also help when you have one too. Make sure to let your instructor know so they can amend some of the exercises to suit your needs. We weren't joking when we said it was for everyone!

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This article was written by Vivian Kelly. Follow her on Twitter @vivkell.

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