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8 Workouts to Get Yourself in Great Shape this Summer

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 7, 2015

Want to get into shape for the summer? Or just to feel strong and full of energy? Here are the most popular workout routines at the moment.


The sport of CrossFit has been practised for a long time, but has become fashionable only recently. It has many adherents around the world and with good reason! As its name suggests, CrossFit is a combination of workouts and constantly varied movements that thoroughly integrates every sport imaginable.

CrossFit is based on the principle of a training programme. It connects several different high-intensity exercises, without allowing for rest periods between them. CrossFit is distinguished by the fact that it mixes various disciplines and that each movement solicits more than one muscle at a time. The world CrossFit champion, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, is proof that beauty and muscles go together!


HIIT training is a cardio training technique. Its name comes from an abbreviation which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Basically, it alternates high-intensity phases with active recovery phases.

Unlike traditional cardio exercises like running and cycling, HIIT considerably heightens your body's metabolism. Indeed, during the 24 hours following a HIIT training session, your body runs at an accelerated pace and, consequently, stores less fat.

BodyWeight Training

True to its name, BodyWeight training asks you to not be distracted by machines or weights. Rather, it gets you to work with your own body by performing natural movements. This way you work large muscle groups and the posterior chain.

Since the sequences of movements can become quite complex, the brain and the body must work closely together. The result: more mobility, coordination, and agility, as well as movement intelligence. It also helps to improve your posture and way of walking so that everyday physical activities become easier and more natural.

Hot Yoga (Bikram or Moksha)

Everybody's talking about it, hot yoga is all the rage! Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures along with two breathing exercises, repeated twice during a session, while Moksha, invented in Toronto, requires 40 postures per session.

In both cases, each posture stretches and strengthens specific muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, in preparation for the next posture. This practice also stimulates the body as a whole. Hot yoga is a challenge in itself. It takes place in a heated room to facilitate fuller stretching of the body as well as a faster and more efficient elimination of toxins, thus reducing the risk of muscle injury. The organs, glands, and nerves are all "nourished” by the oxygenated blood circulating throughout the body during the session.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is the latest fitness trend. It develops inner strength, muscular agility, and flexibility, allowing you to sculpt strong, thin, flexible muscles – all while losing weight. A mixture of dance and acrobatic movements, this activity will appeal to those who want to train while remaining feminine. They will be surprised to accomplish the movements more easily they might have imagined. This activity opens up a new horizon while strengthening all parts of the body. Why exhaust yourself just finding the motivation to hit the gym when you can take pleasure in achieving a graceful and energetic body?

Functional Training

What is functional training? It's a training routine that works all the body's functions in order to improve the everyday well being of each. This preparatory workout for today's man and woman rests on isolating the body's functional movements, such as running, lifting, pushing, jumping ... Improve your fitness and reverse your postural imbalances through a personalized training course tailored to your specific needs.


In recent years, running has greatly increased in popularity, because of both its physical and mental benefits. Running helps to sculpt and define the legs. Regularly soliciting the thighs, calves, and glutes allows you to gradually tone and strengthen them.

Practised regularly, running also strengthens the immune system, and protects against hypertension and the build-up of sugars and fats. Running, like any endurance sport, strengthens the heart and increases its volume, and thereby its effectiveness.

Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), a mixture of kayak and surf, is less difficult than it looks. Standing on a surfboard you must advance with a paddle. Excellent for your trunk, this exercise challenges your ability to maintain your balance.

Concentration is important, allowing you to find the right movement. The best efforts are subtle, allowing yourself to go with the flow to reduce tensions; breathing also needs to be controlled to ensure that the movement is effective. The results are noticeable: a more toned body, improved posture, a more elegant figure...

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