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6 Reasons I Like My Strong Thighs

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on March 24, 2015

You know the term thigh gap, the separation between your thighs? Some women and adolescent girls go to inhuman lengths to achieve it. But why should we always be fighting against ourselves? To hell with the dictates of the fashion world: we love our thighs, and this is why!

Nothing is more natural than the fact that your thighs come together at the top of your legs. If you don't naturally have a space between them, you should not try to force one. Nothing is worth the effort that goes into changing your body for a silly ideal.

You are beautiful, case closed! As women, although we are not all mothers, we are built by nature to reproduce. We need a solid pelvis and strong thighs to bring a child into the world! Why fight against what nature has bequeathed us? Drastic diets and harsh workouts only make us unhappy in our own skin and unsure of our appearance. Beauty is a choice, a choice that we are making here and now!

To help liberate our minds from the notion that we have to accept untold sacrifices to achieve an ideal constantly hammered into our heads, here are 6 reasons that I love my thighs:

1. I prefer to accept my body instead of always wanting somebody else's.

It feels much better to stop complaining about every detail of your appearance! Why not instead focus on what you like? Perfection exists in theory only. So learn to be at ease in front of the mirror.

2. It's depressing to be at the mercy of foolish ideals.

To stress and to put pressure on yourself to achieve impossible objectives: who needs it?! Life is already complicated enough! Your body is perfect as it is, because it's yours. Don't invent worries to add to those you really do need to deal with: you just don't deserve that.

3. My thighs are beautiful.

Each body and each figure is beautiful. You have the power to see the beauty already there. Change your perspective. Regardless of your weight, your thighs will always touch each other. Your corpulent thighs and your curves are beautiful! Open your eyes and make the most of this part of yourself.

4. They are a sign of my health.

Studies suggest that large thighs decrease your risk of heart disease and may lengthen your life expectancy. These studies, performed over a 10-year period, give the same results, regardless of the body's fat content or cholesterol level.

5. It's in fashion.

In recent years, a number of campaigns have denounced the thinness of models. Increasingly, we see actresses, singers, and athletes who refuse to change their bodies to be part of the industry, and they are beautiful. Think of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Iggy Azalea, Sofia Vergara, and Nicki Minaj, among others. Your body is beautiful and you have no reason to change it!

6. They symbolize my strength.

Having a wider frame implies that we are stronger! Many women who are fit (and you can search the web to find a ton of exercises for ideas) have large thighs, which gives them better balance for certain activities.

So, let's put an end to the time when we hated our thighs. It's time to choose models who reflect our own standards of beauty.

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard
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