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The five day blow dry: Tried and tested

The five day blow dry: Tried and tested  

That elusive fresh salon styled finish; professional, volumised, shiny and bouncy. For most of us it's something we struggle to achieve at home, without getting up hours earlier to master the secret art of volumising our roots.

 - The five day blow dry: Tried and tested
Five day blow dry © Davictor

So when I heard that Davictor, whose award winning creative director and all round Greek hair god, Apollon Victoratos was launching a Five Day Blow Dry, I was compelled to put it to the test.

Could this be the answer to my hair woes? Imagine having a whole weekend away with hair that looks salon fresh, or surviving fashion week without a hair out of place? A five day blow dry that delivers? This kind of beauty treamtent could change lives...

Of course there are more important things than hair to worry about, but having a sleek, well styled barnet for days on end can really come in useful whenever there's a need to impress.

The Davictor salon was launched in December 2011 and set up by Apollon, who is responsible for the perfect locks of many a model, having styled for Hermes and Roberto Cavalli among many other designers, so when I met him at his salon just off of Sloane Street I knew I was in good hands.

Styling secret: Sebastian Potion 9
Their Five Day Blow Dry is already an award winner and promises lasting volume to and sexy and glamorous curls that will last up to last 5 days.

I arrived to their clean and compact salon where my hair was washed and conditioned with the Sebastian range of products, after which my hair was towel dried then blow dried.

The Sebastian Shampoo and Conditioner from the Light range were used on my hair, as they're best for adding shine, and the only product used in the after care was the Sebastien Potion 9 (£12, from CheapSmells) which minimizes frizz and holds your style.

Appollon worked my hair in sections, concentrating on injecting volume at the roots (no easy task as my hair is quite long and heavy). Then he rolled my hair in sections, giving me loose spiral curls at the ends and flexible volume at the roots.

The whole process only took thirty minutes and apart from some tugging and tangles it was pretty much painless too.

Day One

"What do you think?" Appollon asked me as he swirled my hair onto my shoulders, and I looked back into the mirror where before there had been a girl with straggly ends and flat roots.

My hair looked just as gorgeous as the Versace girls from S/S 12 © Pixelformula
The glossy, red carpet worthy head of hair that I saw was very pleasing.

"It looks great!" I chirped, but of course, how long can a blow dry really last for... in my experience it only takes as long as half a bottle of wine to unfold and drop, so while I left Davictor with a smile, I was curious to see if my blow dry could go the distance.

Immediately I wanted to test it out, and see how committed this blow dry was to my hair.

So, as I would to a perspective boyfriend or any other five day investment, I forced my blow dry to accompany me on a shopping trip.

Any blow dry that claims to last five days has to be able to survive my real life, so within moments of leaving the salon I hit the shops to put my barnet to the changing room test.

Granted, I was also looking for an excuse to go shopping, but nonetheless, my bouncy blowdry was left undisturbed after trying on various tops and dresses for an hour, making me believe that maybe, just maybe this blow dry has got the kind of staying power that no man has so far been able to endure.

Day Two

After sleeping with my hair loose I awoke to find it looking nice and fresh - probably helped by my log-like sleeping habits.

Teasing my hair with my fingers as Appollon advised (strictly no brushing) I didn't even have to use hair spray to get it to stay in place.

My curls were still in tact and after a quick tussle my roots were once again lifted.

After work I tested my blow dry at the gym and rather than my usual gym-friendly high pony, I twisted my curls upwards and fastened with a clip to keep my hair out of the way.

My hair felt slightly less secure this way, but post work-out and my blow dried hair cascaded happily down, curls still curly.

Day Three 

On day three, my hair felt and looked slightly more oily at the roots but not so much as to use any other products. I would have usually washed my hair today, so the thought of it having to last until day five is starting to feel like a long way off. Still, I have some dry shampoo sprays to hand should my roots need a lift.

I teased my hair into a new parting and while there was a hint of fuzz, and a slightly less finished look to my barnet, it was still the best accessory to finish my outfit for an important meeting.

The curls are becoming slightly more relaxed, transforming into waves, but there is still plenty of movement.

Overall, I'm still impressed.

Day For

Style reviver: 7 Second Dry Shampoo by Unite
By day number four I was seriously doubting whether I could go out in public after not washing my hair (I'm an every other day kinda girl so holding off the shampoo was getting hard) but when I emerged from my bed I was pleased to see that the waves were still holding in my hair and that it wasn't too fuzzy.

To revive my locks I used Unite's Seven Second Shampoo - a dry shampoo that absorbs oil and adds shine, freshing my roots up a treat and giving my hair a glossy look.

For the ends of my tresses I used Charles Worthington's Style Reviver Conditioning Spray which spruced up my locks and gave my waves added definition.

When I got to work people were still commenting on my hair looking good, but while to look at, my hair seems volumised and wavy, it's starting to feel like a bit of a 'unit.'

I'm not allowed to use a hairbrush and can only weave my fingers through my hair to detangle, and I'm starting to look forward to having a freshly washed barnet.

Day Five 

On the evening of day four, it snowed, the wind blew and my blow dry looked utterly disheveled by the time I got in. I had pulled a huge faux fur hat over my head that evening to keep warm, flattening my roots, this, combined with the frizz inducing effects of snowfall and central heating and my barnet was having none of it.

For day five, there was no question. I had to wash my hair, and man it felt good.

My five day blow dry served me well through windy weather, shopping trips, meetings and events, but when it came to snow and winter headgear it just wasn't able to quite withstand it.

Maybe in summer it could stretch to day five, and on shorter hair it might be more managable too.

Overall this blow dry was rather special - my hair was held in place perfectly for four days, and felt fresh and manageable.
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The Five Day Blow Dry, from £30.00
For more information visit: www.davictor.com


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