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Up do - The Side Plait
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Up do - The Side Plait

A simple loose braid can look stunning if done well. This is a different party look that uses different textures for maximum effect - this will look great with an off the shoulder party dress. 

Ben Cooke tells us how to master the 'snake braid':

  • This works great when you have haven’t had a chance to wash your hair. Comb the hair into a side parting and sweep it all onto one side with your brush
  • Divide the hair into two equal sections which become the basis of your plait
  • Start braiding by holding the right section of hair with your right hand. Then, using your left hand, take fine strands from the opposite section and wrap it around both sections of the hair
  • Repeat this with the opposite section and keep going until you get to the ends of the hair
  • Secure the braid tightly with a clear elastic hair-tie or clip or you can leave it loose. Add some firm-hold spray to the ends and pinch together to help it hold
  • Now rub the plait with your fingers to add texture and smooth in some gel for a firm, sleek look and mould the plait into snake-like bends
 Image © Lockonego


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