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Up do - The Beehive
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Up do - The Beehive

Indulge your 50's style crush with a beehive - and drive men mad. This glamorous look will make your cheek bones more defined and will add height too - great if you're petite.

Ben Cooke shares the styling know how behind the perfect beehive.

  • Spritz clean dry hair with Sebastian Professional re-shaper hairspray
  • Starting an inch from the hairline, separate the front section of the hair away from the rest by brushing hair forwards to cover the face. Pin this out of the way
  • Brush the rest of the hair into a side parting. Next, starting from the top nearest the hairline, take sections of hair and backcomb them letting them fall forwards towards the front of the head. Work your way back towards the neck, building up volume and height. The more you backcomb the hair the more dramatic the end result will be
  • Once the hair is completely backcombed, still keeping the front section separated, start to mould the hair into the desired beehive height.
  • Gather and lift the hair at the back to support height at the front. Then, using plenty of hair grips, secure the beehive in place but  ensure the pins are all well hidden
  • Once the beehive is fixed in place, use the loose front section to cover the structure of the beehive to give a sleek finish. Carefully brush the front section into the beehive until smooth, sweeping it over the front and sides and pinning them in place
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