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The Middy Is Back! Why We're ALL About Mid-Length Hairstyles

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 13, 2015

Remember the days when your mum would insist that the awkward, in-betweeny medium length hairstyle was cute. Not so much a lob or a bob, more of a basic shoulder-grazing one fell swoop school girl error. She may have been ahead of the game but yeah, mid length's ever so slightly EPIC right now. The woman's always right.

The medium length hairstyle might have been the ugly duckling circa the 90s but now the middy has come full circle, some may say blossomed from a gawky school girl cut to a millennial must-have.

We're all for a hot mid length hairstyle - and we've got the pics to prove it.

We've rounded up some of the hottest hairstyles for mid length hair, from shoulder grazing waves to twisted curls and swept back wet looks there's an edgy mid length look for everyone.

Whether you're looking to add some shape to a grown-out hairstyle or simply shorten your tresses to a more manageable length with a style reinvention then this is where it's at.

Here's how the A-Listers are making the middy ridiculously cool again!

Choppy blonde

Liven up your locks with soft, tousled layering a la Miss King and Kim K.

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The new Rachel

Scared to let go of your signature style? No problem. Do as Rachel does with this girly take on the school girl cut.

Cute and slick

All hail Alexa, queen of the front row lob.

Turn up the volume

No one does classy quite like J Robs!

It's a one sided thing

Styling tips as told by Emma Watson: Mix up that parting.

The lob

Classic. Flawless. Chic. WANT.


Create gorgeous movement and add texture to your lengths by using a conical wand on the ends and brushing through.

Slick Rick

Roll out the red carpet already.

Just let it be

Why overcomplicate things when simple looks this good?

The dark side

This look is everrrything.

Tousled to perfection

One person's Draco Malfoy is another person's Marilyn #ThatSideSweepThough

Bed head with no shame

We're over polished to perfection, bed hair is the root of all happiness.

The Flackster

Lessons in how to do a WOB (that's the wavy bob BTW). Thanks Flackers!

Back to school

And for when you want to play it straight there's always this. Total babe.

Up and away

For those days when you're craving an up-do.

The hair tuck

Every fashion it girl's secret weapon. USE IT.

Big and bouncy

If anyone knows how to make their hair do the talking it's Nicola Roberts.

Blonde (and wavy) is the new black

How cute are these soft ringlets of heaven then?

Old school glam

Emma Stone does the asymmetric thang and slays it. Obviously.

Modern muse

When you're ready to grow out your middy cut, look in KJ's direction.

Full and fierce

Flat hair just doesn't happen to Fearne.

Sheen team

Now that's a premiere pony.

Do as models do

Lob or no lob, Rosie Huntington Whitely always gets it right.

Rock and Rose

Cheat thick hair by adding soft waves mid way down the length. What? You've been taking vitamins ok!

Cam-era ready

The cut, the colour, the shine; the middy is definitely agreeing with Cam. Then again duh, it's Diaz!

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