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Marilyn Monroe hair: How to get those Hollywood curls

Marilyn Monroe hair: How to get those Hollywood curls

We'll never get bored of Marilyn Monroe's retro Hollywood curls, and her iconic hairstyle continues to inspire red carpet regulars today. But how to achieve similar levels of retro glam?

 - Marilyn Monroe hair: How to get those Hollywood curls

Why do we remain obsessed with this diamond-loving diva 50 years after her death? Her platinum blonde girls screamed "Look at me!" in a way that was both vampy and polished, and remain one of the most recognizable hair-styles of all time.

One of the key items for this look is heated rollers. Yes, we know they're old school, but if it's Fifties pin up you're going fo, you have to have the right tools for the job (plus you can sing "Sandra Dee" in your nighty and pretend you're in Grease).

How to get Marilyn Monroe's hair: 

1. Using the brow of your eye as a guide, make a diagonal part to just in front of the crown.

2. Take a triangular section half way up the parting and comb across to the top of the brown of the opposite eye — these are your bangs.

3. Apply rollers across the hair.

4. For the front bangs section: bring hair out at 90° from the forehead and wrap the hair around the roller ensuring its flat, then keep on wrapping to the ends. Use the clips to hold in place.

5.Continue to apply the heated rollers in small sections.

6. Allow the rollers to cool, use a hair net if necessary and leave in for at least 15 minutes.

7. Once cooled, gently take the rollers out and you will see a barrel curl fall down. Use a large wide tooth comb to comb the hair downwards.

8. Place the large clips in the front of the hair around the face to accentuate the shape.

9. Mist with hairspray and follow with a gentle comb through.

10. Take the front clips out and there you have it: Hollywood icon eat your heart out!


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