How to do your hair: Blow drying
How to do your hair: Blow drying
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How to do your hair: Blow drying

Brush up

Anyone who has tried to do a DIY blow dry will know that it can be all fingers and thumbs until you get the brush, the hairdryer and your hands in the right position.

To avoid getting in a twist always position the hairdryer at least 15cm away from your hair.

Curl the radial brush around your hair and pull until there is tension and smooth the hairdryer along the length of it, following the stroke of your brush.

When you are nearing the end of your hair, roll your hair back under the radial brush and continue to create tension.

Jonathan Long - founder of West London luxury salon, Lockonego, twists the hair around a radial brush and twists the brush again as he gradually pulls the brush out - this creates a soft ringlet. Neat trick - and easy to do too!

Remember the thinner the radial brush, the tighter the curl.

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