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Holiday hair tips: up those 'dos

Up your do


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Heading to a party? This year, forget about letting your hair down. It's all about up-dos. 

"We've been seeing a lot of up -dos lately, especially on the red carpet. Up dos are back. There are many tricks of doing up-dos. You can set your hair in rollers, do a french twist, add a couple of braids - braids are very in," Fisher says. 

According to Fisher, teasing is the secret to the perfect up-do. 

"Tease the hell out of your hair. Obviously, first you put a lot of product. If you know how to put in rollers, rollers will give you volume and movement. But definitely a lot of teasing. That's what's going to hold up your up-do," he says.

Up-dos come in all shapes and sizes, but there are three basic steps to follow:

1 - Tease.

2- Twist.

3 - Pin.

For a holiday party, you can never go wrong with a sleek and elegant look. 

"I like the 1940s, 1950s," Fisher says. "Soft, not too messy, not too much going on. Clean and simple."

As he puts it: "Classic is always in."


Anne Cohen
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