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Holiday hair tips: up those 'dos



© Phil Ashley - Embrace/Avoid
© Phil Ashley
As always with hair trends, there are things to embrace and things to avoid. Fisher shared his top two with us. 


"Braids are very in, we've been seeing a lot of braids. You can take a braid and tease - make it a little more exotic, not as clean. You can add colour into a braid. You can do one braid, you can do many different braids and bread them into one big braid. It's all about the braids," he says. 

Click here for 103 ideas on how to wear braids. 

AVOID: Flat-iron

"I don't think people realize how damaging the flat-iron is," Fisher says. "It's direct contact on the hair and it's very high heat. I think people overuse the flat iron. And apart from that, it takes away body and movement from the hair."

We know, we know; you need it to live, can't stand the sight of frizz, sleep with it at night - moderation, that's all we're saying. 


Anne Cohen
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