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Glamorous short hair


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This styled cut is perfect for giving short, layered hair summer chic. 

What you need
Volumising mousse
A large brush
Gel to finish

Step by step
Dry your hair, removing as much excess moisture as possible with a hairdryer. Work the mousse into your hair, from the roots to the tips. Next, take the hairdryer and a round brush and brush your hair through to give the roots volume, starting at the nape of your neck and working round gradually to the front. Once hair is dry, arrange in place, not forgetting to sweep a few front strands to the side, and fix with a tiny dab of gel.

This style is ideal for short, thick hair as it retains volume, is layered and feminine. To create maximum volume, Sally makes sure she doesn't break the hair cuticles when drying by directing the dryer in different directions so that it reaches all the hair but doesn't damage the fibres. 

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Sarah Horrocks
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