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Contessas 2012: Four finalists give us their top hair tips

Drama Queen


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We all have those moments where we decide we hate our hair, and need a drastic change. We also all have those moments, after we see 5 inches of hair spread out on the salon floor, where we wonder what on Earth we were thinking. What's the best way to deal with someone who wants to be dramatic?

Melissa: "Bangs. It's the fastest way I have; so many times, clients come in and they have long hair and say 'I want a change but I don't want to lose the length, I don't want to change the colour.' But if you don't want to do that, bangs change your entire hairstyle and the look of your face."

Krystal: "Ask them twice before doing anything!" she laughs, before saying: "Bangs. There's a type of bang out there for every face."

Kim: "I love cutting short hair. Short hair can be so nice on a woman, but everyone's so afraid to do it because they're scared they might look like a boy. Most people who want a change up, have long hair."

Sarah: "Every client is different. I like to do a haircut that's tailor made to that person."


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