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Question 5 - brand new body, brand new look


Kim - after
Kim - after
Question 6:
Kim - before
Kim - before

Hi Andrew
I think you are the best ever hairdresser going to date. As you can see I was rather lather large and when I was larger and I used to have very short hair cuts and never dyed it.

12 years ago I lost six and a half stone in weight and met a wonderful man, whom I'm still with. A little weight has gone back on and I'm doing something about that, but my hair has got longer and longer, I do dye it every few months, but I still have this stupid fringe and most of the time I have it in a pony tail.

Now my weight is dropping off I really want a hair style that I can manage on a daily basis and that is easy to maintain, but if I go out I want it to be stylish. The only thing is I do have a sort of double chin.
Do you have any suggestions? I would be very grateful. Keep up the good work
Take care
Kim Elliott x

My answer:

Hi Kim,

What a great story that you have met the gentlemen of your dreams, I love a good love story. You're right it’s time to chop the pony tail off and go for something much more flattering.

Alexa Chung works a textured bob with light fringe © Charles Sykes/Rex / Rex/REX/SIPA
Alexa Chung works a textured bob with light fringe © Charles Sykes/Rex / Rex/REX/SIPA
Textured bobs with fringes are really good as the length around the face frames the face, Alexa Chung's gorgeous hair is a great reference for you, it's also great as it's quite messy and not overstyled.

Also have a little colour a few sun kissed lights around your face would look lovely.

Good luck !


Andrew Barton
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