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Question 4 - recovering stressed hair


Question 6:

Dear Mr. Barton,
When I brush my hair, which is just past my shoulders, it seems like there are a ton of hairs in my brush, not to mention all those that fall on me during the day.

I recently broke my hip, and had to have my finger and my shoulder pinned within the last year.

I am 60 years old. Could all this hairloss be stress-related or is it normal to lose hair?

Thank you,
Marjorie Dunn       

My answer:

Hi Marjorie,

Sorry to hear about your hair problem and your surgery, I hope you are feeling much better, you're totally right stress can certainly change your hair and skin condition especially when medication is involved.

Andrew Barton volume hair mousse - ASDA - £4
Sadly as woman age their hair does change its density and starts to look and feel thinner. You could try a volumising shampoo and conditioner like my Andrew Barton I Love Volume range at ASDA - use the mousse for blowdrying or setting. Try using rollers to style your hair as they'll give it a little more oomph and body.

It's normal to loose up to 150 hairs per day and I’m sure as you get on the road to recovery and start feeling better the quality of your hair will start to feel better too. Eat well with lots of protein in your diet as this is great for hair growth.


Andrew Barton
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