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My hair is dark brown, and in the growing out stages of a bob (i.e shoulder length). Do you know what style would be best to have it cut into whilst still allowing it to grow out? I was thinking of maybe having caramel and light brown highlights and a long sweeping fringe put in, but I’m not sure! I would appreciate the help.
Thank you

Genius, well done Toni, it sounds like the perfect cut and colour for you. Also ask the hairdresser to put a few very subtle layers around your crown area for a little lift.
Andrew x

My hair used to be quite fine when I was younger, it's got thicker as I've grown, but it still looks flat sometimes and also grows very slowly. Anything I can do?

Hi Kate, it sounds like you need to experiment in the world of hot rollers, tongs or wands to add soft waves to your hair.
Andrew x

Sue and husband

I would like to grow my hair longer, maybe chin length...any recommendations for style? I think longer would look softer as I get older, I’m 45, should the colour be darker? Ignore the balding bloke behind me...my husband!

Poor hubby…I think you're right, longer hair would look great on you…think Meg Ryan with soft pretty lights around your face and a soft Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate everywhere else! Yum! Use my Andrew Barton Gloss Boss and Volmptious mousse for styling.
Andrew x

I am looking for some ideas for my hair. I have naturally dark brown hair cut in a long bob with a medium to fair complexion and green eyes, was thinking or caramel lights around the edges where my hair frames my face. Got my sister’s wedding coming up and don't want to regret the hair colour I come out with...as I often do! Definitely don't want red.
Cheers in anticipation of some ideas x

Hi Claire
It sounds like a plan to me! Get the stylist to blend toffee, caramel and just a few copper tones…think walking through the forest in fall kicking the leaves.
Andrew x

It is getting to that time of year again where I am unsure of what to do with my hair. It is very fine, and blonde, (quite a strange shade at the moment) which I don’t like, I would quite like to change my colour but not sure which would suit me best & make my hair look thicker. I have been growing it since last year as I’d love to have longer hair, even though I know as it's fine it does not suit it. I have also had hair extensions before, which I really enjoyed but at times you could see the shrinkie due to my hair's fineness :( I have had bobs and all sorts of hairstyles, but i usually end up regretting getting it cut off later! Any suggestions for me?
Thank you kindly.
Louise :)

Hi Louise,
If you want to have hair extensions agin, try Raccoon they are simply the best. If your hair is fine I’d go for an all over blonde shade - not highlights but Scarlett Johannson blonde, it would look amazing. You’ll need to look after your new blonde with my Andrew Barton Blonds Have More Fun shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask. Cute jaw length bobs are perfect for your hair type and look very sassy!

My hair is quite wavy and big and goes quite frizzy most of the time. I try straightening it to make it less frizzy but it doesn’t work. I was just wondering what products I should use and what hairstyle would suit me best?

Hi Sophie,
You’ve got to try my Andrew Barton Frizz Tamer shampoo, conditioner and smoothing creme for styling, you’ll be amazed at how glossy and soft to the touch your hair will be. But the winner for your hair will be to have it chemically relaxed, there’s a brand new system avalibale from the USA called Keratin smoother…it’s fab, I’ve used it on various celebs and on 10 Years Younger…it’s like putting your hair on a diet and will change your life.

Andrew x

I have lovely hair - or so I am constantly told, but I really don't know what to do with it. At the moment it is a grown out shoulder length bob which I feel is just boring! I look at other styles and people approximately the same age eg Lulu and wonder if I can or should have that. I am told I look at least 10 years younger than I am but I am scared of beginning to look 10 years older! Can you help?
Kind regards

Hey Carole,
The reason Lulu’s hair always looks so good is she wears it with length, not short but always choppy, textured and tousled. It’s a great look, go on, go for it!
Andrew x


Andrew Barton
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