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Dear Andrew
My hair is in need of an overhaul. My face shape is a heart shape, my hair is very fine but there is loads of it. It is also very naturally wavy and very dry. What should I do with it? Oh and by the way I colour it ash blonde. It is currently short but takes me ages to do each day (about 40 to 45 minutes) and as I go to the gym regularly I would like something more simple. Couple that with my job as a safety manager on the M25 where I have to wear a hard hat on regular occasions, I would like something that does not leave me with hat hair.
A big ask but can you help?

Linda, short and textured is definitely the way to go. Victoria Beckham’s Posh crop would be really easy and is very practical for your work. At night it can be dressed up with hair accessories.
Andrew x

I really need your help here! My hair is naturally wavy and I really DO NOT get on with it. I’m trying to get the look of Taylor Swift in the "Teardrops On My Guitar" video. As you can see, her hair is curly from the top, and so I am just wondering how I would go about doing that look, curling it right to the roots? I have recently bought some Nicky Clarke flexi curlers - are they going to work? And if so, how can I achieve this look?
Thank you very much
Megan xxx

Hi Megan,
You are right! Using tongs right at the roots is the way these curls are achieved. Make sure you spray a hairspray from tip to roots to fix the curls in place and leave each individual curl without brushing. For a more relaxed look, do the same thing but brush the roots a little after tonging. Try my Andrew Barton Hold It Right There hairspray, it's brilliant!

Hi Andrew,
I have been colouring my hair for the last 15 years without a problem. Over the past 12 months I have had severe reactions to different hair colours that I have used, which have resulted in blistering sores and a trip to the doctors for a solution to calm the burning reaction. I was wondering if you could recommend a hair colour which would cover grey but didn't have the harmful chemicals in it that I have the reaction to, I would be very grateful for any suggestions that you might have.
Kind regards,

Dont be dismayed about the current situation, I’ve seen this happen to many women and often within 6 – 12 months they are back to using their old tint…if you’re tempted to try also have a skin test 48 hours prior to a colour. Many of my clients have good success with Daniel Field organic colourants.
Andrew x

This may sound like a very odd question but I need some help. I am going into hospital for an operation on my jaw, just before my school leavers prom. My face is going to be swollen and I want to have my make up and hair minimize the appearance of the swelling. Are there any hair styles to particularly avoid? Currently my hair is just above shoulder length and I’m wondering whether to cut it, use extensions etc.
Thank you for your time

Good luck for the op Ashley. I think the best thing would be to wear your hair down in soft waves to frame your face. Have a look for Raccoon clip in-hair extensions to give you a little more hair, as they are temporary and can be incorporated into your current cut.

Hi Andrew,
Seen you on television many times and think you’re wonderful. I'm 52 years young and have very fine white/blonde hair cut into a kind of bob, I would really really like a funky cut with a funky colour in it. What would you suggest for the more mature lady?

Hi Kim and thanks for the compliment, I love doing the TV show and really enjoy the makeovers. The important thing to remember as a woman matures is not to look like mutton…if you know what I mean. Bleached blondes can look amazing and are very striking and Sharon Stone crops can look fab too. Easy and versatile, and you can change your hair with different products for funky effects. Keep watching the show and why not try to visit 10 Years Younger Live, the exhibition held at London’s Earls Court on the 4th and 5th July.
AB x

My hair is long, layered and thick in texture. I regularly use heated rollers (with heat protectant spray) but after my daily commute it is lacking in body and looks flat!! What can I use so my hair keeps its body?
Many thanks

Hi Jane,
You’ll be glad to know that a simple trick will help you to keep your hair bouncy and full for longer…as you wind each meche of hair on to your heated roller, try spraying over the meche with a hairspray. As the product is heated it will protect and lock in the body for longer.
Andrew x

I recently put a permanent colour dye in my hair, it was called Dark Golden Brown (my own hair in dark brown with some grey). I wanted to have light to medium brown hair for the summer. The colour dye once applied was left in too long and my hair turned jet black. I have tried to live with it for the last 2 weeks but I really hate it. What colour can I get put into it to give it a dark golden brown look? I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.

Hi Clodagh,
I’m afraid it’s a trip to the hairdressers for you. There is not a colour that you can put on your hair to change it from black to blonde. Tint can not lighten tint which is what is on your hair. Instead the hairdresser will need to use a chemical cleansing treatment that will strip the old colour out and then they will put a new blonder shade over it…although expensive, it will get you back to where you want to be and then you an carry on home colouring. Make sure you build the strength of your hair with my Andrew Barton SOS shampoo, conditioner and treatment.
Andrew x


Andrew Barton
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