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Hi Andrew
Since having had baby number 3 last year, my hair has started to go grey. I am a mousey blonde and usually have highlights every four or so months but now the grey is starting to come through I am wondering if there is any way I can have a natural looking colour all over without either using chemicals or having to spend a fortune at the hairdressers every few months. I am on a tight budget and with three young children I don't have much time for myself.

Hi Claire,
It’s a dilemma indeed! Highlights are definitely one of the cheaper options and a blend of 3 colours would look really pretty and disguise those naughty grey hairs. You’ll probably only need to re-colour your hair 2 to 3 times a year and can get away with just having your parting and hairline done every few months. Most colour options do mean chemicals, but don’t worry about the quality of your hair. After chemical colouring the products used in salon today are of a great quality. You just need to make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment once every week - try my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply. 


Hi Andrew,
My parting naturally falls to the right of my face,  but it looks better if I sweep it to the left. Some hairdressers seem to cope fine with this but most struggle, so much that I usually end up with a piece of fringe hair in the middle of my forehead and the rest of my fringe parts to each side. I am wondering if there’s a way I should be communicating with hairdressers prior to my haircut and to help them with my parting problem or am I left with no choice but to accept that if I keep sweeping to my left, my fringe just won’t look right?!
Many thanks!

Hi Bea,
Shopping around salons for free consultations is a great way to find a stylist that listens to you and understands your hair. Explain to your stylist where you want your parting and although it may mean styling your hair a little more in an unnatural parting you should be able to get what you want!


I have been wondering what would be the best way to optimize my grey hair. I was originally a warm dark brown colour then the grey started to appear and I had highlights in my 40s which became lighter and lighter until I became practically blonde. Then in 2006 I stopped using colour and have let my hair grow long - the colour is quite a nice grey but I have carried on using John Frieda shampoo and conditioner for blondes. Can you suggest any tips - I am 58 tomorrow and my hair is important to me.
Thank you

Happy birthday Liz, I have to be frank and say that I’m not a huge fan of grey hair as it’s as aging as it’s colourless. But it does look quite good on you! I would recommend that you have a few woven highilghts around the front of your hair to soften the steely effect. Ask your stylist to use tint rather than bleach and opt for a pretty biscuit tone that will flatter your skin tone. Using shampoos for blondes is a great way to look after your hair and the colour. Try my Andrew Barton Blonds Have More Fun shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask in a sachet, with its chamomile extract it leaves hair looking refreshed and shiny.

My hair is quite long, but very bushy, what do you suggest I do?
Yours Shon

Shon, one of the best ways to tame frizzy, bushy hair is a salon professional smoother. It’s the reverse of a perm and will last for up to 3 months…it’s like putting your hair on a diet.

After years of having my hair coloured chestnut tones I decided to have highlights for a change. Big mistake ... my hair is an unmanageable mess and is now very dry. I really don't like the way it is and have difficulty controlling it.  So, I'm about to have it all cut off (its fairly long at present).  Is this the right thing to do? I feel I'm at an age (47) where it should be short anyway. Could you point me in the right direction for styles please.  My face is oval with a fairly large forehead which I generally cover/partially cover but I'm not averse to trying a very short look. As I go to the gym/run a lot I need something I can care for in a hurry; maybe something "messy"?
Thanks in anticipation.

Ros, go for the chop definitely! Have a look for pictures of textured choppy messy bobs…Katie Holmes’ choppy bob would also be very flattering for your face shape and easy to style. But you really do need to work on the condition…please try my Andrew Barton SOS range of shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning treatment, its shea butter protein will moisturize your hair and bring back the shine.


Hi. I am a 37-year-old Asian female and complain of thinning of hair...I do eat veggies, fruits and multivitamins but nothing seems to help. You’re my last resort, please help

Hi Rubina,
I’m afraid I’m not going to be a great help, many of my Asian clients do suffer from this problem and it seems to be a genetic issue. It does sound like you are doing all the right things. There is a wonderful shampoo and treatment called Prevention Hair Bath and Aminxol by Kerestase that many of my clients swear by.



Andrew Barton
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