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Hi Andrew,
I'd like your advice on whether I should go for a fringe or not. I've got shoulder-length, very fine hair. I've been tempted for a while but the thing that's holding me back is the fact that my hair's so thin, I'm worried it will look a bit lifeless hanging over my forehead. Is there a particular style of fringe that would suit me best?

Hi Shaz,
Fringes can definitely update a tired old haircut and can look very cool. On fine hair they can be perfect as they can really thicken the front of the hair. The key thing is not to go for wispy flimsy little fringes, instead make the confident leap and go for a thick full fringe cut right on your eyebrow and vamp up your eyebrow with a eyebrow pencil. Pop back to your salon every few weeks for a free fringe trim.

Dear Andrew
I currently have black hair but looking through my old pictures I realized how much I miss my red hair. What advice can you give me to getting that colour back?
Thank you
Sadie x

Sadie, it sounds like you need to visit the salon and possibly have what’s known as a colour cleanse. This will remove the black dye and give you the perfect colour to put a red dye over. Red is a big fashion statement this season so go for it!


Hello Andrew
I have never had a hair cut that I am happy with and I have been trying to grow it now for ages but to be honest because its so fine it just ends up looking bedraggled and dry most of the time, which is exacerbated by constantly using hair straighteners. Could you give me any tips on what style would look good?

Hi Sue,
Thanks for asking for help, I think it’s really time for a big chop. I loved what Gwyneth Paltrow did to her hair cutting from long to a very cool mid length bob. It's a great cut, as it’s really versatile. It would work brilliantly on your hair texture and give you a great summer look.

Hi Andrew
I have really dark brown hair (it looks more like black!) and after several visits to the salon I gradually built it up to the blonde I have always wanted. It wasn't too badly damaged as I was only having roots touched up monthly but my boyfriend wanted a "change" so convinced me to dye it back to black again with a home kit (damn credit crunch!!!). Anyway it’s now really dry and even frizzier than before and I hate the colour. I would like to get it to a more natural honey blonde (only this time done by professionals, not my boyfriend who managed to turn all my towels and his arms a violent purple!) But am not sure how to best go about this without ruining my hair! I only had it dyed two weeks ago and am also not sure how long to wait before dying it again or if it’s even possible!

Hi K,
It does sound as if your hair as been through a lot and any colour transformations from here should definitely be in the hands of a colour specialist. The possible route will be to have a colour cleanse which will lighten all of the hair by a few shades and then the stylist will possibly put a selection of highlights through your hair…but so much depends on the quality and porosity of your hair. Really concentrate on deep conditioning treatments for your hair every week. You’ll love my Andrew Barton SOS range of shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning treatment with its shea butter extract – it’s wonderful for weak or damaged hair. Make sure you find a really good colour specialist.

I have very fine hair and would like to take nourishing tablets to thicken it. I do not want to use thickening shampoos as these always seem to weigh my hair down.
Can you suggest which vitamins to take?
Thank you,

Hi Jacki, the Solgar range of vitamins are particularly good and ones I’ve recommended to my clients for many years. They are also recommended by many leading hair and skin experts on Harley Street. But please give my Andrew Barton I love Volume shampoo a try, you’ll love it! And I have a brilliant volumptious mousse in the range for styling.


Andrew Barton
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