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Hello Andrew
Help, I have had bleached blonde long hair now for over 10 years! I have always been light blonde from a baby then when I turned 14 it changed to a dark blonde colour with flashes of natural copper. Now when my roots grow, they look so dark compared to the bleach. A local hairdresser of mine added some light brown and copper at the sides and at the back, I felt like it made me look ill as it was too dark and so unnatural looking. I do not know what to do, I would love to have a make-over by a professional as every hairdresser keeps asking me 'what do you want?' when I don't know. I have dark eyebrows too and they stand out from the bleach.

Amy, it sounds to me as if you need to cut back on the bleach effect and start heading towards a more natural, sexy, sunkissed highlight using more tints rather than bleach. This will take time for the colourist to get it perfect for you as its about re depositing colour back into your hair...I know my team at Andrew Barton Salons can fix it for you and turn you back into a gorgeous blonde classy bombshell. And don’t forget to use my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply shampoo, conditioner and mask to look after the quality and shine in your hair.

I am a teenager from Dundee seeking advice on a hair cut which will make me look slim. I have shoulder-length hair, I`ve got a very rounded face and a small double chin. What can I do with my hair ?

Hiya Jayde, I love that name ! You need some layers on around your crown to give you a lifted, sexy look. Think Cheryl Cole type hair, full of body and bounce; this will balance with the curves in your face. Try my Andrew Barton I Love Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Volumptious Mousse when styling. A few soft, sunkissed lights around your face will also give you a lift and have the layering around your face start from your cheekbones - all this combined will give your face a slimmer look, guaranteed. (My friend Geoff is brilliant at cutting hair in Saks Dundee!)

Hi Andrew
I have naturally curly hair which I always straighten as I can't find any products to define the curls properly. Mousse makes them crispy and nothing else seems to define the curls so I always end up with frizz. Any suggestions?

Natalie, I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you. Try mixing my Andrew Barton I love Volume Mousse, My Andrew Barton Frizz Tamer and a little of my Andrew Barton Gloss Boss serum. Mix a little of each in your hands and apply to your hair and dry as normal! You’ll be amazed. You see…the perfect hair cocktail!

I have got dark brown hair and it is quite thin. I want to go blonde through highlights but still keep some of my dark colour. Can you please give me some ideas on how to have my hair?

Going blonde could be a good move for you, but I’d start off gently if I was you. Book a full head of highlights but avoid bleach and ask for tinted lights - they won’t be as light blonde as bleach, but will be softer and very classy. Tint will only lift your hair a few shades lighter where bleach may leave you with a unnatural light and dark effect.
If you decide you want it a little lighter after the first time, next time ask the colourist to mix a bleached highlight in between the tinted highlights but beware you’ll get blonder and blonder as time goes by. Look after your hair with my Andrew Barton SOS Treatment Mask at least once a week, it's brilliant

I booked an appointment at Saks for my mum's 50th. I now believe you have left. Where can I now book an appointment with you?

Sorry Sara, we're currently going through a few changes as I’m preparing to open my own Andrew Barton salon in November. The Andrew Barton office number is 0207 208 7134. If an answer machine picks up your call, don’t worry - someone will get back to you.

Dear Andrew,
Please can you help me? I am 62 years old and for the past 9 years my hair has been gradually thinning. It's a short style as a curl or kink lasts longer, I don't colour my hair don't use any heating on it as it dries so fast because it is so thin. I hate going out now because when I'm indoors and the lights shine on my head and shows it up. I am going to Arizona soon and will be taking lots of photographs as well as being in them. I'm really concerned about this, is there anything I can do? Please please I need your help. The only medication I am on is a blood pressure tablet. Thanks

Hi Winifred,
Sorry to hear that you're being bothered by the thinning hair plague that happens to so many woman as they age, it's a fact of life that the hair does thin as we age and there isn’t a great deal that can be done to disguise it. I know you don’t wear colour at the moment, but a few threads of a medium blonde shade woven through your hair could add a different dimension to your hair and create a little disguise. Use shampoos for volume and this will add a little lift too.

My hair is driving me crazy! No matter how I cut it, how much or what product I put on it, it just falls flat. Of late I've resorted to just letting it dry naturally and leaving it at that and, as you can guess, the 'shabby' hobo look does not make you feel very sexy after 70 days. My hair is shoulder-length, brown, very thick and has layers, I'm also very pale, so colouring makes me look washed out. I've dyed it, cut it short, grown it long, but it always falls flat. Even just after I’ve left the hairdressers it drops flat! I need an easy to do chop that doesn't fall flat after an hour!

Nicole, I want you to try heated rollers…they might just give you the added oomph you desire.


Andrew Barton
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