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I'm really stuck here! I used to have really thick hair and went to the hairdressers and he told me it was too heavy so started razor-cutting it and now my hair has gone really thin. It has always been in good condition and now that it's thinner it looks really flat and I'm scared in case I ruin my hair by using straightening irons! Is there any way I can thicken up my hair? It’s medium-length and I would really like to grow it long, but my sides come in too thin now. I was thinking about getting about an inch off and letting things repair themselves. Help!

Hi Ashlie,
Thanks for getting in touch with me. The razor may have thinned the ends of your hair but it's nothing a couple of inches off the ends won’t cure. Ask your stylist to cut the ends off your hair with the points of the scissors, this will soften the ends but not over thin them. Hair straightners are fine to use as long as you use a heat protector spray on each section as you iron - this can make your hair look really polished. Try my Andrew Barton Straight Answer Hot Iron Protector and my Andrew Barton Straight Answer irons available at Argos. I’ve created them with different heat settings and ionic and ceramic technology.

I am 28 years old, I have 3 children and I am a mess! I have had short hair for 11 years and I have decided to grow it long. It is now just past my shoulders but it is so thick, curly and dry that I wonder why I even bothered. I am planning to go to the hairdressers to have it cut, but I am not sure what style will suit me best as it is so thick - I am short and skinny and I feel that big hair just doesn't look right. Can you give me some advice on what sort of style suits thick, wavy (curly) hair and also what products I should use on it as it is very frizzy and dry.
Thank you.
Distressed Tammy

Tammy, well done for growing your hair, sometimes it’s the only way to get a new look. Have a look at some of the cuts that Katie Holmes has been wearing - a shape like that but using your natural wave could be brilliant on you. You’ll need to dress your hair, texture a little and the best tool is either an iron (not to straighten but to twist and create kicks in your hair) or my extra large barreled tong for kicks and bends. This will look really pretty and give you a great natural look. You can even cheat and let your hair dry naturally and then use the tongs to control random sections of your hair. You have got to try my Andrew Barton Frizz Tamer Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Smoothing Cream. A little goes along way, so the products will last you ages.

Hi Andrew,
I recently had my hair coloured to cover up a lot of grey (in Asian black hair). The result was abysmal with around 30% coverage only. The salon informed me, in retrospect, that this was because I had some serum in my hair from the day before. I have never had this problem in the last 15 years of having my hair coloured. Can this be true?
Many thanks

Hi Farah,
It's really difficult for me to say exactly what happened. Hair can change from time to time in the way it reacts to colour but it seems unlikely that serum could create such a change. It might be time to try a new hair colourist. At Andrew Barton Salons we use Redken colours and all our colourists are experts in colouring all types of hair. We also take clients through a consultation before colouring.

Hello Andrew
I have naturally curly hair and when I come out of the shower, it is in beautiful ringlets. However, when it dries it goes puffy and the ringlets disappear. It also takes me 1 and a half hours to straighten and I don’t have the time. I want my hair to go like Taylor Swift’s as she has naturally curly hair too. Can you help me by recommending some products designed for curly hair (shampoo, conditioner, styling products)? Thank you

Taylor's hair is gorgeous and I’m sure yours can be too Shannon. Curls vary so much, I'd really advise you to visit a hairdresser just for a styling session and they will best assess your type of curl. It's often about controlling the curl with a mixture of a leave in crème and a gel-like styling product: the gel will fix the hair and the crème add softness. In terms of shampoo and conditioner try my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply range of haircare at ASDA.

Hello Andrew
I'm hoping you'll know where I can buy a hot brush please. I've tried everywhere but they don't seem to be available these days. I used one for years because I have fine hair but plenty of it and it was great. I shall be most grateful and would buy two or three at a time.

Dear Beryl, Get yourself down to Argos. They have the best most extensive range. Have a look at my new hairdryer and diffuser kit called Blown Away by Andrew Barton - it’s a great hairdryer, very light and easy to use.


Andrew Barton
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