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Andrew Barton answers your hair questions


Hi Andrew
I have quite long hair and would like to know what product/treatment you would say that I should buy (without breaking the bank) as a must-have for long hair regardless of the condition.

Hi Laura,
You’ve got to try my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply Twice A Week Mask, it’s the best, everyone that tries it loves it! It's made with shea butter and brilliant at moisturizing the hair. In fact try the trio of SOS Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask.

Dear Andrew,
I am 57, 5ft 11 with very wavy grey hair.  I have worn it short for years, but have now grown it to medium length as I think it softens my features. I have no idea what style to go for as I seem to always end up looking like the Duchess of Cornwall - not a look I aspire to! I spend lots of time with the straightners on the front to get rid of the bow wave! Any suggestions welcome.

Dear Anne,
It sounds like you may need to grow out some of the layers now that you have grown the length to a more flattering length. Your hair shouldn’t be totally one length but the layers on top are creating the bow-like wave. Moving over to the grey side is a big step; I’m convinced your hair would look better with a splash of creamy, biscuity tinted lights around your face. Come and see my colourist AJ at my new salon in Covent Garden, he’s a whiz at making colour look gorgeous but softening the aging grey look.

For the past 7 months I've been on steroids due to an illness called Nephrotic Syndrome. During this time my hair has thinned drastically, although thankfully I haven't seen it come out in clumps - so no alepecia as such. Anyway, because of this illness my face is also very round, and at the moment I support a longish style that is very feathered to give a false impression of having lots of hair!! What style would you recommend to enhance the hair I have left that will suit me as I'm thinking of getting my hair cut for my birthday?
Hope you can help, look forward to your reply.

Bless you Elaine, hope things are improving for you. One of the best things you can do is to have face-framing layers which will flatter your face shape. Maybe a little more height on top would help and my new curling tongs available at Argos are fantastic for giving a bit of texture and movement. Also please keep your hair in good condition - try my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply range of hair care from ASDA.

I haven't cut my hair in over seven years, except for the occasional self-trim of dead ends. I'm 18 years old and my hair is now down my entire back. I'm going for a professional cut soon, but I want to do something with the front of my hair. I've been contemplating getting a fringe. My hair is extremely thin and tangles easily. It is quite straight and flat. My face is kind of heart -shaped. I do not want to have short hair; I want to keep it quite long. My question for you is, what would be the best cut for my face shape and hair thickness? I look forward to your response.

Hi Tanya,
Some of the problem with your tangling and thinning especially at the ends is the sheer age of your hair. Hair grows from the roots and gets longer and older as it grows. You certainly don’t have to have short hair but a cut with more shape and style would be much more flattering and fashionable. I would have the length cut to below your shoulder blades in a straight line and have long feathered layers around the front cut from your shoulders down. This will give you long hair - admittedly not as long as you have now, but it would look much more stylish.

Hi there,
I am desperate for some hair advice please. Three months ago I gave birth to my baby boy and since then my hair is falling out loads and seems in thin limp condition. I have long straight hair which seems to have no style to it at the moment. I have grown my fringe out so it’s just tucking behind my ear. I seem to just have my hair swept back into a pony tail as I don’t have the time to spend straightening it. What I’m asking is, is there a style which you could advise which will be easy to manage, fashionable but not too short? I have an oval shaped face and any advice is much appreciated as it’s making me miserable now.
Thank you

Dear Helen,
I think it’s time to go for the chop - think Alexa Chung textured bob! Hair does definitely change during and after pregnancy and it’s totally normal for you to loose some hair especially around the front after pregnancy - "Phew!" I hear you say! The best and quickest solution is to chop it off into a cute, sassy haircut which gives you a definite hair style and image…anything sitting on your shoulders, no matter how well it’s cut, will not sit nice. Go on, be brave and get a cute sassy mum cut!


Andrew Barton
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