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Hi Andrew,
I really want to change my hair colour! I usually buy products and dye it blonde myself but recently I went to a hairdressers and asked advice on whether my hair would look good if I dyed it red. The hairdresser wasn’t very helpful and didn’t seem confident so I just asked her to do my roots! Please dvise me on whether you think a change of colour to red would suit me.

I love it when girls get brave about colouring their hair and red could be a good move for you. Bright reds are not very on trend this summer, but copper reds are! think lovely warm, rich coppery reds would suit your eye colour and skin tone. If the colour is very bright red it will look quite artificial and you’ll need to wear a lot of make-up to pull it off. If you do go for the colour change, make sure you use a light reflective colour shampoo and conditioner like my Andrew Barton Strictly For Brunettes, you’ll love the lightweight feel of the conditioner.
Andrew x

Hello Andrew,
My hair is to my shoulders and is naturally strawberry blonde and slightly wavy. For about 6 years now, I have been dying my hair every 6 weeks or so and straightening it just about everyday. I never dye my hair all the way through, i just get my roots done. Lately the ends of my hair have been breaking off and the split ends are constant. It’s dry, course and rebellious and never seems to grow, and when it does it just breaks off :( I already use lots of leave-in conditioner, conditioning mask, heat protection and serum and I really don’t know what else to do! I now only use my straighteners once or twice a week and put my hair up all the time. I read somewhere that putting my hair up could cause breakage - is this true? Please help.

Hi Tanya,
It sounds as if your hair has taken a battering and needs some TLC or sos therapy. Try my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning mask, they are rich in shea butter protein which is brilliant at moisturizing. Use them for 6 weeks and I know your hair will start feeling more manageable. It's also time to ditch the straight hair and instead of wearing it up embrace your curls girl! Go and see your friendly hairdresser and get them to give you a lesson in curl control and just wear your hair straight when you fancy it looking really special. Curls are big fashion news now: think Madonna-like waves and you’ll look fab!

Dear Andrew
I currently have dyed light brown hair, my natural colour is dark brown. I want to change my hair colour to something a bit more natural to my skin colouring as the light brown shade makes me look a little "washed out". My natural skin colouring is olive based and has a little yellow undertone. I don't want to go too dark, but want an overall colour that will brighten my complexion. Please could you suggest some appropriate colours that you think would suit me? Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.
Thank you

Hi Famida,
I don’t think it's about making a big change - some of the simplest little changes are the most effective. Find a colour specialist in your area, in my salons we use Redken colour and it's brilliant at transforming dull hair with its jewel and light-reflective qualities. Have a look around for some colour references like foods to give you inspiration, and don’t be afraid to show your colourist. My colour team and I think you should go for something like a Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate colour, which is rich and bright without being too dark. Always use a heat protector to blow-dry with and this will increase the shine in your colour - try my Andrew Barton Straight Answer Heat Protector. Good luck.
Andrew x 

Dear Andrew
I have fair hair which is naturally very straight, in quite good condition (I hardly use heat appliances except blow drying occasionally - approx 2 to 3 times per week). However, I have what looks like ‘new hairs’ growing and they stick out, kind of ‘wiry’ looking. Is there anything I can do to make them look smoother like the rest of my hair (I don’t own a pair of straighteners and don’t want to). Also, I tend not to use styling products on my scalp because my scalp is oily (I only condition the ends).

Hi Vikki,
It sounds like you're caring for your hair in all the right ways. What I would say is don’t be too scared of using styling product - just keep it away from the roots. But what is brilliant for those stray flyaway hairs is my Andrew Barton SOS Last Another Day Dry Shampoo. It's so easy to use as you spray through the roots of your hair on dry hair and the clever formula will catch all those new hairs, give your roots a bit of a lift and keep the oil away for longer. New hair is a sign of good health, so keep up the healthy diet and lots of water: nutrition is so important to hair health and growth.
Andrew x


Andrew Barton
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