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50 Simple Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl In You

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 10, 2015

Hit the snooze button and roll over for half an hour because with these quick 'n' easy, hot-off-the-runway hairstyles you'll be able to spend less time braiding and more time in bed. These are the simple hairstyles we've got SO much time for.

Spring Summer 2015 was all kinds of stripped back and fuss-free when it came to runway hairstyles which is why we thought it would be a good place to start for some simple hairspiration.

We all know how tight that window of time is in the morning, so any minutes we can save in hair and makeup can be spent clutching onto those precious Zs. Bed is such a beautiful thing, it just makes sense.

You don't have to be a total lazy girl to get on board with these hairstyles, just a busy (borderline sloth) will do. From Kendall Jenner's swept-back wet look strands to Karlie Kloss's Karl Lagerfeld tribute pony, these are the hairstyles every girl has time for.

Styling can have the day off

Pull a Karlie Kloss and dig the low pony

Brush hair back away from the crown for a runway ready look

Tying up loose ends

Add a random braid for boho pretty

Killing it comes naturally when you've got curls like these

Gloss it up!

Tousled bangs is where it's at

Sweep your parting over and prop your hair behind your ears for the perfect soiree style

Textured plait goals

Forget hairspray, the messier the better

Off the face kinda fleek

A quick blow dry + some serum and you're done

Making waves

Double pony, because one is never enough

Light as a feather

Save time, go curly

Kardashian tresses eat your heart out

Low pony = low maintenance

Strip it all back

It's a deep side part kinda day

Dry shampoo a go go

Central line

Glossy locks

Floral fancy

Down it

Pull a KJ and let your face do the talking

The power pony is all you ever need


Barely there and beautiful

That morning shower make you late? No sweat, that's what the wet-look's for

Literally devine

Everyone loves a bun

Plait your hair and twist into a bun for a gorgeous five minute updo

Accessorizing solves all your #hairproblems

Soft and subtle

Headbands never get old

Rock it out

Pulled out pony? If you're chic enough

High shine + high pony

Dreamy locks

The ultimate time-saver

Pretty in pearls

Bobbing along

Take two strands either side of your parting and pin them back at the sides for a festival approved hair do

Scraping it

Twist the front sections of your hair back and pin in place for a beautiful elfin style

Pump up the volume

Straight down the middle

Bring it back

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard

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