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Quiz: why am I still single?

Quiz profile: you're too defensive and demanding with guys


You're convinced that you deserve someone exceptional, a guy who'll treat you like a real princess. You're right... except that in your case, you push the concept to the extreme! Consequently, no man is able to hold a candle to the ideal man you've imagined in your head.

The worst thing is that you're often on the defensive and you think that no guy is really worth it, that they'll always end up disappointing you. As a result, you find yourself alone in your ivory tower. A bit of company wouldn't be so bad now would it?

Our advice: How about you give guys a chance for once... would it really be so bad? Define some "criteria" (there's no need to get engaged to the first guy who lays eyes on you!) but do try and make them reasonable.

Keep reminding yourself that nobody is perfect and accept that a mere mortal could make you very happy: yes, really!

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Profiles: You're too demanding
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