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Quiz: why am I still single?

Quiz profile: you've got everything going for you to find love


We're a bit baffled as well! It certainly seems that you've got everything going for you: when you fall for a guy, you subtly let him know, without overdoing it.

So you're starting to ask yourself if you should be doing something else or if you should simply draw a line and accept that everlasting love just isn't meant to be? No way! Stay as you are! Love is often a question of timing and good things come to those who wait...

Our advice: One day, a guy will realize just how fabulous you are. Don't, whatever you do, become bitter! It would be a shame to ruin the good vibes that you're currently emitting!

But be sure to ask yourself: do you really want a man in your life at the moment? Maybe you're enjoying being single... and there's no shame in that!

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Profiles: You've got everything going for you!
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