Walk of shame guide: Morning after must-haves

Walk of shame guide: Morning after must-haves
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Walk of shame guide: Morning after must-haves

There are worse feelings than waking up from the night before, mascara clumped together, hair à la birdnest and the hot breath of a boy or a friend you don't really know in your face - mainly the feeling of doom about your journey home... 

Nearly all of us have had to deal with the walk of shame. Whether you've crashed at a friend's or managed to bag yourself a boy, getting the hell out of there in the morning comes with a certain risk - the risk of looking like a total tramp clutching your 4-inch heels and staggering around squinting through the crusts of mascara in your eyes. 

The walk of shame is never going to be pretty, but you can have a few things in your party-arson to make sure you're striding home with a bit of dignity. 

In reality it's nothing to be that ashamed of (unless you did something we don't know about!) so hold your head high - with these tips it's only as shameful as you make it!

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