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The dating diaries. First up: eHarmony
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First date


 - First date
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I have had one date. This was a guy that under my friends’ encouragement/despair at my pickiness, I decided to chance. He wasn’t a total tree climbing freak but nor was he someone I would definitely say yes to from his picture.

Bottom line – he was easy-ish on the eye, worked in music marketing, had pretty funny answers and we went through the ridiculous multiple-choice question and answer sessions with some laughs along the way. I realized that to give this thing a proper go I had to submit to the fact that this is just the way it’s done. And, between you and me, I quite enjoyed the process.
We met for coffee – safe ground and the accepted first date scenario of the internet dating world – and it was fine. He was nice enough. Kind of good looking, very average dress sense (if that makes me sound shallow, tough – I think you can tell a lot about how compatible you are by what someone wears).

We had a laugh and shared some stories of recent trips we’ve had (me Copenhagen, him Argentina), gigs we’ve seen and our jobs, but there was no chemistry as such.
Ironically, the first multiple-choice question he sent to me answer was that very thing: ‘How important is chemistry to you in a relationship?’ I chose 2 – important but doesn’t necessarily have to be present at first date – but on reflection, with him, I won’t be ‘giving him another go’.

I wait with baited breath, though, to hear back from Fashion Man and any other ‘perfect matches’ who, you never know, could turn out to be, well, perfect. After all, I’ve paid an extortionate amount of money in advance. I’m too tight to give up now.


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