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The dating diaries. First up: eHarmony

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 - The dating diaries. First up: eHarmony
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Ahh, the search for true love. Even in a city of more than 7 million people, it can often seem impossible to meet someone. How do you do it? Going to a bar? A club? At work? The gym? Through friends? Online?

Valentine Taylor is taking the proactive approach to dating -- and will share her adventures with us once a month.

First up? eHarmony.

I’m playing hard to get with a machine. It’s all part of my eHarmony mating ritual – it’s safer that way. I’m scared what they’re gonna offer me next.

Every morning I switch on my Blackberry and it beeps and flashes – that red beacon of hope – and eHarmony tells me I have another perfect match, and another, and another.

After the first two or three times of logging on immediately to discover my entirely compatible Prince Charming, I wise up. I’ve been matched with some shockers, hence the playing hard to get with my laptop. Handle at your own risk, I say.


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