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Which flirt are you?
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Test profile: apprentice flirt

Test profile: apprentice flirt

Flirting is a very physical sport for you. You don't see men as complicated beings and think that as long as you're up for a bit of fun they will be too, and that's all there is to it. The problem is that if you give them the promise of something you often end up having to fulfill that promise!

+ You're very confident. Men find you attrative and you know it, so when you meet someone you like you don't have to ask each other ten million questions before you take the plunge.

You could be seen as a bit of a maneater, which could put some guys off. 

Advice for you: Your technique doesn't work every time because you can never be sure whether his intentions are good or bad. Flirting is like any sport: you need to mix your shots up a little to score the winner!



Profiles: You're an apprentice flirt
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