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Which flirt are you?
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Test profile: Flirt expert

Test profile: Flirt expert

If flirting were a science, you'd have a PhD in it. Whatever the situation, you know all the tricks in the book off by heart. Your favourite is the old 'get him interested then totally ignore him' approach, and it drives men crazy! It's all about flirting but not letting them realize you are: making it obvious you like someone just isn't classy, is it?! You're definitely a high-class flirt. 

You're the one who pulls all the strings, so if it goes wrong you know you've only yourself to blame! 

- Seduction has become a bit second nature to you and it almost comes too easy. What happened to the stomach flutters and excitement you used to get?  

Advice for you: If you act inaccessible you'll end up becoming inaccessible. Let yourself go a little: with the flirting skills you have up your sleeve, you can afford to!



Profiles: You're a flirt expert
Sarah Horrocks
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