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Dating advice: Kissing matters
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Dating advice: Kissing matters

Which leads nicely onto the kissing rules. As all discerning ladies know, kissing is Important with a capital I.

Contrary to my floating bacon worries, I think I got away with the Mr Bale ‘snog’ (I hate that word, by the way). BUT, I only wanted a half-snog.
It seemed appropriate to:

a.) My levels of desire;
b.) The fact we were hovering by the tube station barrier; and
c.) It really was the only way to go given that I still had half-chewed bagel bits adhered to my teeth.

My plan only went slightly awry in that Bale decided to stick his tongue in my mouth. Eew! Eew for him, potentially, but definitely eew for me. Personally, I don’t think it was the time for that kind of kiss.
I relayed this to my friend Lady Jane who said, with the tone of my mum when she thinks I’m moaning disproportionately, “well that’s a snog isn’t it? You put your tongue in each other’s mouths”.

She might as well have added 'duh!!!' to the end of that statement. Call me old fashioned but I think if you're not in full-on snog mode (i.e. passionately, gropingly...) then why the tongue?

A male friend shed some light on this for me: “Sometimes we just can't resist sticking in the tongue. He'll have been wanting to do that all night”.


“The tongue is definitely a pre-curser to a penis.” Well, I was definitely avoiding that.

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