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Dating  advice: Honesty is a ticking time-bomb
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Dating advice: Honesty is a ticking time-bomb

My ridiculously high expectations of love and romance have me lusting after a delicious first date of confessions, deep conversations and fall-in-love-on-the-spot-because-we’ve-got-so-much-in-common honesty.
But hold your horses, love. Sometimes it’s better to just, well, shut the hell up. A good example of this came on a first date with a handsome young man I christened Mr Bale thanks to his resemblance to the Hollywood bad boy.

I don’t know if it was the vodka or some kind of romantic death wish but my conversational style was akin to an out-of-control whirlwind. I was nice, but I was cocky. So cocky.

For example, when he told me about the voluntary work he's been doing for a children's Aids charity to fill some time while he's not working (alarm bells!) I said “I'd go for Aids too if I did charity work”. What?! Now I think that's funny but it's risky to say the least. Later, I say “So, what’s your plan with your hair?”
He had this weird, between lengths bob going on and was talking about it, I thought as a work in progress.

He wasn’t. Oops.

His response: “Er, I don't know. Why? Do you think my hair's terrible?”

We didn’t go out again. He’s probably in therapy now. 

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