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Dating advice: Ex’s are the Anti-Christ
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Dating advice: Ex’s are the Anti-Christ

And I don’t mean your own ex; I mean theirs.

If a potential beau has a recent ex give them a wide berth or at least put up the safety barriers (think kiddie lane at ten pin bowling). I thought I’d heard it all until recently when I woke up in an offensively hot tent at Glastonbury with a guy I’d just started seeing and he went all weird on me.

You know, the classic morning after freak out? I inquired after his freeze and he said: “I just had a funny turn because I thought I heard my ex’s voice”.

What the f? Literally haunted by an ex. If it’s the girl I was laying awake listening to, she was a moron, let me tell you (Quote: “Are we gonna go and listen to The Stranglers sing about heroin or what?” Idiot).

My response to him? “I take it you’re still troubled by your ex, then?”

“Aren’t we all?” he replies.

Not to the point of hearing voices, no. Goodbye.

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