Dating tips - Ten things I've learned about dating

Dating Advice: What I've learnt while looking for love
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What I've learnt while looking for love

After years of misadventures with men in the pursuit of love and a year of blogging about it, in her last column Valentine Taylor aka dating blogger Lovefool Forever shares her biggest lessons learned. Read it and weep…
If I had to pin down my emotional state at any one time in this crazy little thing we call the hunt for love, I’d have to say there’s a steady rotation between bemusement, confusion, frustration and, well, all-out gobsmacked (this one is really funny once hindsight has kicked in).

Sometimes excitement gets a look in but it’s usually swiftly followed by a good dollop of disappointment.
If this sounds a bit bleak, it’s not, it’s just modern dating for you and all its weird-ass quirks.

In my regular blog, I chart these ups downs and ultimately come out smiling – or, more to the point, laughing my head off. So, in the interest of humour and romantic benchmarking, here are the top ten (silliest) things I’ve learned…

By Valentine Taylor  
Love & Sex Editor
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